You must step out of your comfort zone to develop your career.

I was driving back from a meeting listening to Radio 4 and caught the tail end of an interview with Professor Mark Lythgoe in the series “A Life Scientific”.  According to the website he “created and runs the largest medical imaging research facility in Europe”.  In the bit that I heard he mentioned that he cannot help being distracted and then part that really caught my attention was when he said that the optical imaging that they have came because he “accidentally” went to the wrong conference.  He described that as a “happenstance event”.

I imagine that for most people turning up to the wrong conference – or meeting, or anything really  would be considered a failure somewhere along the line. But for Prof Lythgoe it helped him discover something even better than what he had or knew before.

The way he tells the story it does not sound like he was out of his comfort zone  – he just accepted it and stayed because he was there anyway – but for many if not most of us that is quite a challenge.  And for some it is so big that they stay put in their safe place .

Unless we try something new we can’t really have a new experience . If we don’t have a new experience we can’t decide if what we are doing already is good enough as we don’t have anything to compare it with. If we don’t have a new experience we can’t see where there might be other opportunities.

When it comes to your career the difference between being invited to interview for that dream job might be what else you have on your CV that makes you come to life to the recruiter.  The things you learn when you are outside your comfort zone are what will make that difference!

You can find out more about Professor Lythgoe here 

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