Wood from the trees – and that extra mile

When you love what you are doing at work – doing something outside the job description seems the natural thing to do doesn’t it?

Over the past couple of days Robyn McMaster and I have been sharing ideas about the joy of work – and the joy of learning. I told Robyn about the pupils from the tuck shop at school and my attempt to teach them some basic accounting skills. In my view if they could understand that the supplies of fruit had to be paid for, that the tuck shop had to “break even” which meant that the right price had to be calculated to allow that to happen, that the takings needed to be counted and accounted for so that the next batch of supplies could be bought – they would have a skill in their toolkits which would stand them in good stead in so many situations in the future.

With the Head’s permission and after persuading the girls to give up a bit of their valuable lunch break we have started . Next session on Monday.

After sharing this story with Robyn she said

“I sense Jackie is fascinated by the discoveries she’s making as she reaches out beyond her job description to assist in student learning.”

In my job description I manage the business of the school. It did not occur to me not to offer to share my accounting skills!

I learn far more from the young people at the school than they will ever learn from me – and in that I count myself fortunate to have been able to have this experience.