Trying something new

Although social media might feel like it’s been around forever it is of course relatively new.

And developments happen all the time . So just when you get used to the format or functions on a site you enjoy an upgrade or version 504 appears to throw you off course.

Sometimes though the changes can inspire you to do something differently.

I have been writing this blog for many years now. I remember publishing the first post and the terror I felt when I pressed the button to go public. Over time that apprehension lessened and I found my rhythm. The purpose of blogging for me was  – and still is – to provide something that is current that anyone who lands on my website either for the first time or as a regular visitor will find useful. Of course the underlying intention is that that might lead to a conversation or interaction that could lead to us doing business together. It has worked very well.

As time has passed I post less regularly here though.  There are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly – I get the impression that the people who are looking for something about me or someone like me will try Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter first.

Secondly – I always said that I would only blog when I thought I had something interesting to say. Now I still believe that what I write is interesting  ( fingers crossed…) but I am not sure that the blog is the right medium for getting that out to the world.

So I have started to use LinkedIn Long Form Posts as my blogging platform. It is an experiment .

But as the old saying goes – “If you do what you have always done you will get what you have always got”.

So if you have landed here for the first time – hello! Why not check my posts like this one on how to spot a career opportunity on LinkedIn.

If you have been before – thanks for coming back and I hope you don’t mind being “re- routed”

I will of course post here occasionally as it can be difficult to tell if a website is live if there is a blog with absolutely no activity.