The right time to step out on your own

Out blinking in

On a recent holiday I had the opportunity to witness baby turtles who had just hatched coming out into the big bad world and making their way to the water. The word “awesome” is vastly overused in my opinion but this for me truly fitted its true meaning.

And there is a lot we can  learn from the experience of these little creatures. Let’s think about it…

They have come out above ground for the first time ( and only a very short time after coming out of the safety of their egg) yet they know that they need to do.  Something inherently in their makeup guides them

Young people have this too – they need support and guidance to help them develop their skills and talents and work out how they want to use them of course .

There are no parents – or adults – around. They just get on with it.

Adults really need to take a step back and consider when it would be best to offer help…

They are not exactly designed for smooth movement over land but they get there.

Nobody enters a career or sets up a business fully formed and streamlined!

They are easily recognisable as a turtle though only a fraction of the size – they have some growing to do

Job titles give guidance to outsiders but the holder of the role needs to understand and make plans for developing into that role or developing the role itself.  This applies to business owners too.

When they got to the water they knew what to do – in a few short minutes they both walked and swam for the first time

Taking that first step is scary – whatever it looks like – but it is only possible to recognise what is possible when you have. 

A local guy who knows about these wonderful creatures  said was that we humans should try not to interfere with them en- route to the water as this will confuse them ( not that that stopped some of the tourists who just had to have a pic with one in their hand. What is wrong with some people???)

There are people who don’t know when to butt out….or choose not to. We sometimes mistake their input as intended in good faith – sometimes it is clear what they are up to. Most of the time it’s about them not us…

The local guy  gathered lots of people to create a sort of guard of honour to deter any birds from coming and picking them off but as soon as they get into the water they will be fair game for bigger fish – and indeed diving birds. Sad though that it is – that’s nature.

….and sometimes what was planned won’t work well . Thankfully it will rarely be as final as what happens to the turtles – though it might feel that way at the time – but taking the learning forward might be the best thing that could have happened.

So there you go. I feel privileged to have had this experience…and I am hoping that a few of those little guys are happily settled in a reef nearby, growing at a great rate so that they can go on the long journey that is ahead of them

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