The Christmas Play

Last year I was invited to the Christmas Carol Concert at my friend’s primary school and I struggled not to cry. There is something about the joy – and innocence – of little children in that setting that sets me off.

Yesterday it was our own school play and this year it took the form of the traditional Christmas Story. I had heard the songs drifting through the school over the past couple of weeks and here was my chance to see the dress rehearsal before the parents came to see the final show.

So, hanky at the ready, I filed in with the rest of the school to watch. The performance was by the 5 and 6 year olds so the fact that the narrators were word perfect – from memory – amazed me. The percussion accompaniment was brilliantly done. And the actors – well what can I say. I am not sure how much shows like XFactor have influenced their willingness to go for it but one of our inn-keepers certainly had his end of song flourish and bow down to a fine art.

The 3 Kings/ Wise Men had everyone laughing. They made their way to the stage in a regal way – and, just as they were about to do their thing the middle one sneezed loudly and all over the others. His crown fell off too and he spent some time after their dance and when they were in prime position behind Mary and Joseph trying to sort it. It was hard to concentrate on anything else!

The singing from the “choir” with related actions was exuberant but still managed to be tuneful. Nobody took stage fright and everyone finished in time with the conductor.

It was a triumph – and a joy.

Regardless of the discussions about political correctness this was the Christian story of the Christmas Festival – beautifully done by the little people to whom this time of year means so much.

And the tears I had were of laughter!