“Our people are our greatest asset” 

Few businesses would say otherwise but how many have found a way to really understand what their people know ? Sometimes employees don’t know that they know. If they are doing their job well rather than thinking that they have a special skill that explains that they might think that “anybody” could do it.  When they have had a team experience  – good or bad – different members will take different things from that but might not realise its value and future benefit.  How often do employers spend time to debrief after a “failure” compared to when something has worked well?

How about getting your people together to answer a BIG business question but not giving them an agenda to work to ? Sound like a recipe for a disaster – or at least a waste of everyone’s time?

What if I told you that for my clients who  try what one called a “radical” new idea the experience,  learning, suggestions and good feedback they got was – though surprising – very valuable.  Some called it an “unblocking” others a “launchpad”.



Creating together

Are you trying to create something new?  Maybe you need to change something? By bringing together the people it will affect to explore what is possible and listening to their ideas to put into future plans buy-in to the changes could be easier.

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In Scotland I have heard them called “greetin’ meetings” ie where everyone involved sits round a table and goes over the details usually starting with what went wrong!  It does not need to be that way. Even the biggest failures have some aspect that went well or learning that would be very useful.  In the words of one participant ” I didn’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t that and I thoroughly enjoyed it”.

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Getting to know your team

You could have a team building day that means being outdoors or creating something from newspaper and pipe cleaners  or you could bring team members together in an environment that helps them relax, chat and work through a shared issue. I am sure you know which one would suit your business best.


This blog post might help you understand more .  How that  might work for you?