How do I know what you are selling?

There’s a little shop on my bus route that intrigues me. There are usually a couple of dresses hanging in the window with little else to put them into context. The name of the shop gives me no clues ( fashion? dressmaker? nearly new?) I have walked by a couple of times when it was closed and stopped hoping to get an idea if there might be something to suit me inside but that did not help. And there are no prices either so for me that indicates that they are high end /expensive though the window decoration and surroundings don’t really support that.  For me there is just not enough information to go on to decide if I should get off the bus and step inside – so I won’t make the effort.

The shop has been there for a long time so I guess it has a steady clientele  who do know what is on offer and it’s what they want.

But are the owners missing an opportunity to attract other customers by making it so hard to find out what they have to offer?

Now why am I mentioning this here?

Well it occurs to me that there is a lot to be learned from this example in relation to being found by people who want to buy what you are selling.  If you are an employee ( or in career transition)or a business owner somebody will be in the market for what you have to offer.

That’s why the quality of  what you say in your public online profile is so important.

For employees it’s all well and good to put your job history and education on your LinkedIn profile but what does it say about how you work? How would anyone who does not know you yet know if you would fit well in their team? What special skills do you have that would enhance and improve what they are doing already?

And for business owners does what your website say make sense to a potential purchaser? How interactive is your website ( your shop front…) to allow us to ask questions to help us decide if we want to buy from you ? If you have chosen to include Facebook for your business how easy is it to link with that from the website?  How can we find out things like who works with you and what kind/level of service you offer that marks you out from your competitors?

It has never been easier to put out information to potential customers.  Most of us we are still learning how to do that effectively.  But doing nothing means that the new customers you might benefit from are walking right on by..

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