Hope for the future

Hope - a wish or desire accompanied by confident expectation of its fulfilment.

Some time ago I attended an awards event for young people with diabetes. They had been asked to share what living with diabetes meant for them and there was an excellent array of posters covering all age groups. The young people themselves were accompanied by their parents. The host – himself a parent of a child with diabetes ( as am I ) commented on the report on the news the previous day about a major breakthrough in research which would have implications for people living with the condition saying that each time he hears about advances in research he is filled with hope.

Hope – such a powerful word.

I was reminded of this story when I read this post by Don Ledingham.

We seem to be increasingly living in a world where there are demands for instant solutions to complicated issues but I live with hope that

  • people like Don involved in the education of our young people get the opportunity to expand and develop the ways that that education is approached
  • our communities find a way to listen to the young people who are at the heart of the solution to any problems they are seen to cause
  • we value learning that does not happen in the formal education system
  • we appreciate that living in a community where others are different from us makes us stronger not weaker
  • as we get older we appreciate that we have a lot to give as well as a lot still to learn
  • our oldest folks can be looked after in the best way possible as a recognition of what they have contributed to how we are today

And…as I write this the sun is streaming through my office window. I hope for more of this lovely Scottish spring weather to come.