Have you forgotten something key that you can offer an employer?

In this  post over on LinkedIn I was pointing out that we often have skills that seem minor but that could be very valuable .

There is one area where in my experience this is particularly true and that is the ability to strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know.

It might appear to be “something everyone does” but that is not true.

Some people struggle past the initial opening chat about the weather for example.

Others avoid getting into the situation at all by burying their heads in a book or looking at their phone.

But all around us are the people who love to chat. Who want to find out about other people.  Who want to share stories. Who show they care.

In a customer service setting they are perfect. They are the kind of team members you want to deal with tricky folk and win them over – sometimes by charming them into submission!

Now we can’t all be like that but I am willing to bet that all of us have some skill that we undervalue. And maybe now is the time to find out what that is.

Even just one telephone coaching session can start your thought processes on this one.Why not  get in touch to find out more.