Capturing your team’s great ideas


Wally Bock’s Three Star Leadership blog  post entitled ” People have knowledge”. It is short and to the point .As is so often the case when I read something Wally has written it started pinging off in my brain.

I have been really busy over  the past couple of months  facilitating events and meetings for clients.  I work with organisations when they have a business question that  they need answered to help them explore that question with their own people .

As Wally says an organisation’s people have knowledge ..

AND they usually have ideas that are based on that knowledge.

The trick is to find a way to  encourage and enable them to share and there are a few steps to doing this

  1. Be clear on what the question is and make sure that it is not “leading” so “How can we recognise the talent that is in the organisation” is better than ” how can we improve the talent that is in the organisation” . The second implies that what is there is not good enough. That might well be the case but the  word “improve”  invites people to think about a solution before it is clear where they are starting from.
  2. Create an environment where all comments and contributions are valid regardless of seniority ( age, time served or role title).
  3. Encourage those who share their ideas to create the agenda and  focus. When we are engaged and it matters to us we are far more likely to contribute our best stuff. If we are asked to fit with some other agenda valuable elements can be lost.
  4. Notice who is leading or showing leadership and find ways to support them to do that ( see 2 above again)
  5. Tell everyone what will happen next. Not necessarily the nuts and bolts – just that there is something happening and the time-frame by when it will and when there will be a report back.
  6. Be open about priorities. You might find that there are so many good ideas that some will take priority – maybe because of budget, or quick wins, or resources.

If you would like some help to explore how you can help your people focus on the big business questions you have get in touch !