Are you having the time of your life?

The time of your life….

I am reading the book The Element – How Finding your Passion Changes Everything  by Ken Robinson . He gives many examples of successful people who have found- and used -their natural talent and passion.

This coincided with watching Bubba Watson win the US Masters Golf at the weekend. According to reports Bubba has never had a golf lesson in his life. According to this post after his win  “Watson hasn’t had a lesson since he was 10. His father taught him the basic grip and basic swing, and Watson took it from there. The challenge has always been figuring out the game by himself. “I just swing funny, and somehow it works,” he once said.”

Now all of us have natural talent. Some of us will have had ideas of how we might use that talent successfully and will work it out  ..others will be keeping  that to themselves until the “time is right” because it takes courage to say that you want to do something out of the ordinary to earn a living. There will usually be someone who is quick to point out why your ideas are flawed and it’s easy to listen to those comments and allow them to sway you from your chosen course.

I have met a lot of people who  have come to realise that their career choice has left them unfulfilled and frustrated. Many of them will tell me that that it was not so much their choice but that of their parents and they went along with it and they want to change it now and that their childhood dream jobs were dismissed and forgotten. As a parent myself I will be quick to defend this on the basis that wanting what is best for our kids is in the job description!   I am always delighted when someone tells me that they have had a lightbulb moment –  where they found that they are good at something that they had never noticed before ( or did not allow themselves to see – that’s a whole different thing) and they want to use that skill now.

Just remember  – it’s never too late.

A word of caution though – it’s not that the people who use their natural talents don’t have to put in the work to be successful – it’s just that because they are enjoying it that they don’t notice it so much. There is no doubt that Bubba Watson did not get to be a golf champion without hours and hours of work. And there’s something else worth remembering. That someone is self taught is sometimes dismissed as if a piece of paper showing a “qualification” is somehow a better measure of future success. Try telling Bubba that as he wears his Green Jacket with pride.

Ken Robinson’s book title comes from “being in your element” – having the time of your life, loving and living every minute of it.

How near are you to that ? And what steps do you need to take to get even closer?

And if you ARE having the time of your life…please share your story with us!

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