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I believe passionately that when people speak up for themselves in a way that others will hear and make them want to listen  they will  have a good chance to achieve their goals. Some want to explore privately what they want to say – in a conversation with a boss, at an interview, when talking to a potential client – and that’s where coaching can help. Some want to learn new skills and my workshops can help there. Employers increasingly know the value of good quality input  – of ideas, suggestions, learning, experience – from employees. My style of facilitation supports that. Why not take a look at my blog to find out more about what I am doing.

Since 2004 Jackie has been working with others to help them find their voice. Social media has changed a lot since then and in the spirit of moving with the times she is now producing her blog posts primarily over at LinkedIn. Why not take a look to see what she is saying!

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